Introducing the all-new


Built for power players who aren’t afraid to take the outside shot.

Level 4 Bottom Rail

Designed for a mid-high pocket delivering added power and consistent hold.

Optimal Release Point

Increases control with added hold and has extreme energy transfer when shooting.

Release Point
Kinetik Head White

Tension Lock

Enables the stringer to precisely locate a defined shooting channel for increased accuracy.

Duratough Material

Our Duratough material increases stiffness and provides consistency in all weather conditions.

Kinetik Head White

X-Rail Technology

Engineered to distribute the stress to the opposite rail creating a lightweight and stiff design.


Kinetik Head White

Made in the USA

Maverik R&D resources have allowed us to make heads in the United States incorporating premium materials, superior quality and unrivaled testing.

Product Details


Designed for velocity and accuracy when the game is on the line.




  • Lightest head in the Maverik line
  • New Tension Lock
  • New Optimal Release Point
  • Duratough Construction
  • X-Rail Technology
  • Level 4 Bottom Rail
  • Multiple Stringing Holes
  • Made in USA
  • Available in Universal Spec Only