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Cascade Maverik, LLC Teams-Up with The Face-Off Academy & The Beast Lab

—Face-Off Academy Owners, Greg Gurenlian & Jerry Ragonese, Sign with, “The Gold Standard”—

LIVERPOOL, N.Y., April 30, 2019

Cascade and Maverik Lacrosse, the industry leaders in head protection and lacrosse equipment, announced today that they’ve entered into exclusive partnership with The Face-Off Academy (FOA). The partnership formally makes Maverik the official equipment partner and Cascade the official helmet of choice for the FOA. The recent agreement utilizes the expertise of Co-Owner’s Greg Gurenlian and Jerry Ragonese for Cascade and Maverik product development, FOA focus groups and testing. Along in the partnership, Cascade and Maverik have become the title sponsors backing Greg Gurenlian’s Beast Lab YouTube channel offering educational training for the next generation of the internationally known “Face-Off Army”.

Cascade and Maverik Sports Marketing Manager, Kevin Simmons, states, “The Faceoff Academy represents what our sport is all about – sharing knowledge of the game to make everyone better. These coaches have a proven track record and continue to dominate on the field. Their dedication to player development at every level is best in class,” Simmons exclaimed, “We have had a great relationship with Greg throughout his professional playing career and Jerry while customizing helmets for top programs throughout the world. We’re looking forward to the future of Cascade Maverik and the Faceoff Academy.”

Cascade and Maverik have also committed to backing marquee main events like the Face-Off Academy’s National Showcase, Championship Draw Day, The I-95 Cup and nationwide draw day clinics. Specifically, the FOA National Showcase event highlights the nation’s top 250 face-off specialists from middle school to varsity levels. The 2019 Championship Draw Day will be held in Philadelphia’s Penn Park at DCC Field over Memorial Day weekend streamlining with the collegiate national championships occurring right down the road. The I-95 Cup is the ultimate challenge to see which area of the country has the most talented face-off midfielders as top players from 4 selected areas meet for a 1 day tournament. For more information on FOA events please visit: https://thefaceoffacademy.com

Co-Owner, Greg Gurenlian, most recently captured the 2018 FIL World Championship with Team USA and is playing for the Redwoods Lacrosse Club professionally for the Premier Lacrosse League (PLL). When asked about the solidified relationship, he responded, “This partnership is organic, we believe in Maverik/Cascade and their mission just as they believe in The Face-Off Academy’s.  We are excited to have them as our exclusive protective gear sponsor,” he continued, “As a pro player, I have trusted Cascade and Maverik for my protective gear above all others for over a decade.  It only makes sense that I would want my FOA Athletes to have the same gold standard protection that I have for myself.”

Jerry Ragonese, FOA Co-Owner, a graduate and alumnus of Rochester Institute of Technology’s men’s lacrosse team and touts a professional playing career posting eight seasons in Major League Lacrosse that includes a 2015 MLL Championship. In 2019, Ragonese will be taking the field for the PLL’s Archer’s Lacrosse club. When talking on the future of the FOA, Ragonese mentioned,” Since I started  my journey into athletics I’ve never trusted any piece of equipment longer than my Cascade helmet. The constant strive for a better product over my 15 years in the game has time and time again raised the bar. The drive mirrors our own at the FOA, never settling for ‘good enough’ and constantly re-engineering to put the best possible product on the field for our players. This partnership of Maverik/Cascade and FOA marries two like-minded entities together. We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for you!”

Both Gurenlian and Ragonese will be continuing to travel putting on clinics developing the lacrosse skills of the next generation of athlete through the highest quality of instruction with the FOA curriculum. Both will also begin their chase for the 2019 PLL Crown on June 1, 2019 when PLL season inaugural games are played at Gillette Stadium in Boston, MA on NBC Sports.

About Face-Off Academy

The Face-Off academy was established in 2012 by Professional Lacrosse players Greg Gurenlian, Jerry Ragonese and Chris Mattes.  The goal was to bring Face-Offs into the light by eliminating cheating and ridding the position of archaic techniques by way of biomechanics.  After years of success, the FOA has established itself as the sport’s unquestioned leader in Coaching, recruiting and education for Face-Off men of all ages and skill levels. For more information, please visit: https://thefaceoffacademy.com.