The LOCK is designed for the FACEOFF specialist. The short throat and lightweight design enables quick hand movement. FlexRail technology provides a predictive and responsive flex with each repetition. The Ground Control scoop offers an advantage securing loose balls. Used by the 2018 MLL Champion, Denver Outlaws’ Mad Adler and PLL Chromes’ Drew Simoneau.


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consistent flex

Provides a consistent and predictive located flex point


Perfectly engineered scoop angle designed specifically to scoop groundballs with ease so you can dominate the faceoff.

shortened throat

Keeps hands closer to the ball and improves leverage.

perfect channel

Enables the stringer to precisely locate a defined shooting channel for increased accuracy.

Balanced Release

Designed for a mid-low pocket delivering the perfect blend of power and accuracy.

Powerful Release

Increased control with added hold and has extreme energy transfer when shooting.

Reliable Flex

Provides consistency all season long, returning the head back to optimal faceoff form.

American made

Maverik R&D resources have allowed us to make heads in the United States incorporating premium materials, superior quality and unrivaled testing.


Black, Gray, Hyperlite Blue, White

Product Attributes

Attack, Elite, Middie, Universal Spec.

Our design is tailored to players who drive down the line and utilize an oblique angle technique

Designed with input from players of all skill levels (Pro to Youth)

The FlexRail design provides a consistent and predictive located flex point

The Ground Control scoop geometry stiffens the upper third and enables players to quickly secure loose balls